How to Collect R350 Grant at Pick n Pay?

How to Collect R350 Grant at Pick n Pay?

SASSA beneficiaries can now collect their payments easily and quickly through the Pick n Pay method. If you are a beneficiary of one of the SASSA grants and have selected Pick n Pay as your payment method and want to know how to collect your grant money, then this article will answer all your questions.

How to Collect R350 Grant at Pick n Pay

You can receive your SASSA money through various payment methods, but if you wish to collect your SASSA grant at Pick n Pay, you need first to change your SRD payment method to Pick n Pay. Make the change and start collecting your SRD R350 grant money at Pick n Pay by following the steps mentioned below.

How to Collect R350 Grant at Pick n Pay?

  • Once SASSA approves your application for the SRD R350 grant, you will get an SMS.
  • The SMS contains your R350 collection point and the payment date.
  • Visit any Pick n Pay store on a specific date with your ID and mobile phone number.
  • Provide your ID and mobile phone number at the pay point to confirm the availability of your SRD R350 grant payment.
  • Approve the USSD message on your mobile phone.
  • Afterwards, the Pick n Pay store will deliver the SASSA R350 grant payment to you.
What Do You Need To Collect Your SASSA SRD R350 Grant Payment At Pick n Pay Stores?
Collect R350 Grant from Pick n Pay

Important: It is not allowed to use another person’s cellphone number to collect the R350 grant payment at Pick n Pay. You can only use the cellphone number registered in your name, which you provided during the SASSA SRD R350 grant application process.

Don’t forget to take your cell phone containing the SMS of your R350 grant pay date at Pick n Pay.

Use your SASSA card at ATMs or supermarkets

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ’s)

All SASSA beneficiaries can collect their grants at any Pick n Pay store. Just use your SASSA card to buy grocery items or withdraw payments.

Unfortunately, you can not receive the SRD R350 grant payment from some Pick n Pay stores. The stores include Pick n Pay Clothing, BP Pick n Pay, and Pick n Pay Liquor. Except for these, you can collect your SRD R350 grant payment from any Pick n Pay store.

SASSA has banned the post office method and announced its alternates. You can now receive your R350 grant payment from different methods. The methods include pick n pay, ShopRite stores, checkers, Boxers, USave account or your personal bank account.

You will need your ID and mobile phone number to receive your SRD R350 grant payment at Pick n Pay stores

For further queries, contact the number given below. SASSA representatives will guide you better.

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