How to Get SASSA Reference Number?

How to Get SASSA Reference Number?

The South African Social Security Agency has stepped forward to benefit the people of South Africa. The agency provides funds to deserving candidates. For this purpose, SASSA has made different types of grants and specific criteria to qualify for them. You can only apply for the grants if you meet some specific requirements. If you are willing to get the grant, you must submit an application to SASSA. To check whether the agency has approved your application or not, you have to check the SASSA SRD application status. In this content, you will know the answer to all the queries related to the Sassa reference number.

There are several ways to apply for SASSA grants and check the status of your application. You can apply through the SASSA USSD helpline number, the website of SASSA, the website of GovChat, and the WhatsApp number of the Agency.

What is the SASSA Form Reference Number?

If you apply for a SASSA SRD grant through the website of GovChat or WhatsApp, you will get the SASSA SRD reference number. The number is an alphanumeric code. The website of GovChat or WhatsApp has generated the code to allow you to check your SASSA application’s current situation.

How Do I Get My SASSA Reference Number? 

  • At the time of applying for a grant, You would receive the form reference number for SASSA.
  • Note the reference number, write it down anywhere, or memorize it because it is important. 

Note: You will get the reference number for SASSA only if you apply through the platform of GovChat or WhatsApp.

What to Do If I Lost my SASSA Form Reference Number?

This mishap can happen to anyone. Read on if you want to know what you can do if you lose your SASSA reference form number.

You can access your SASSA reference form number through different channels. 

How to check the SRD reference number through WhatsApp?

  • Open your phone and click on WhatsApp.
  • Compose a message and send it to 082 046 8553.
  • Type SASSA in your message, and they will reply to you immediately with an information manual.
  • Then type status and send it to them. 
  • In the end, type Yes. The representatives of SASSA will be there for your further guidance. They will give you instructions; just follow them, and you will be able to check your SRD reference number.
How to Check the SRD Reference Number Through WhatsApp?
How to Check the SRD Reference Number Through WhatsApp?

How to check the SRD reference number through the USSD helpline number of SASSA?

  • Open your phone and dial *120*3210#.
  • SASSA representatives will guide you further through a manual. Follow the instructions SASSA has provided in the manual. Then it will send you a message mentioning your application status and reference number for SASSA.

How to check the SASSA SRD reference number through voice call?

You can also know your reference number via voice call. Follow the process we have given below.

  • Open your phone and dial 0800 601 001. SASSA will give you a manual. Choose 1. 
  • You will get all the commands on voice call through the SASSA assistant
  • Follow the command, and then you can see your SASSA reference number.
How to check the SASSA SRD reference number through voice call

What is the Reference Value For SASSA Form?

The SASSA reference form number is very important because you can check the status of your SASSA application through it. You can only check your SASSA balance if you know your SASSA reference number. Your SASSA application form is incomplete without it. You can also get a Sassa OTP code through the SASSA reference number. OTP code is for verification that you are linked to the information provided.

The SASSA reference number is essential. If you forget it, just follow the ways we have provided in this article to know your reference number.

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