SASSA Food Parcel Application Form

SASSA Food Parcel Application Form

In the economic crisis of South Africa, The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has come forward to help people struggling through their financial situation. In terms of help, SASSA has created several grants to benefit people through different methods. 

Social Relief of Distress is one of those grants. The grant was initiated to support unemployed people during the lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the disaster had almost finished, the SRD grant came under the Social Assistance Act instead of the Natural Disaster Act.

SASSA Food Parcel 2022 Application Form

The agency is also providing help to people struggling because of floods in KZN. To make the aim true, SASSA provides the SRD grant to people across KZN through food parcels, vouchers, and school clothing for students. 

In other parts of South Africa, SASSA provides SRD grants in the form of R350, food vouchers, and parcels to people affected by natural disasters or unemployment issues.

Eligibility Criteria For SASSA Food Vouchers 2024

There are no specific criteria for eligibility for SASSA food vouchers. If you are affected by a flood or any other natural disaster. If you can’t meet your family’s basic commodities, then only you can apply for the food voucher.

How to Apply For SASSA Food Vouchers in 2024?

You can apply for food vouchers through the SASSA office. The application form can not be obtained through a website or any other online platform. It is mandatory to get it from the nearest SASSA office.

Follow the below-given instructions to fill out the application form. Here are the instructions.

  • Submit your application form to SASSA representatives or any social grant worker.
  • Make sure to take the relevant documents with you.

Here’s the list of documents you must submit along with the application form.

  • Your 13-digit code identity document.
  • The birth certificates of your children (if any).
  • If you do not have an identity document and birth certificate, you must submit a report from your local police station, counselor, or religious leader.
  • Evidence that you have signed up for the SRD grant.
  • Proof of you or your family in an emergency ( for example, a police report about your housebreaking because of a landslide).
  • Evidence that you have tried to get maintenance.
  • Proof of not having any other kind of help or support.
  • Evidence of your marital status, for example, married, divorced, widow, or single.
  • Proof of your monthly income.
  • Evidence of temporary medical disability because of the disaster (if any), for example, a medical report of your leg disability.
How to Apply For SASSA Food Vouchers

How Much Time Will SASSA Take to Approve My Food Voucher Application?

Once you submit your application form, documents, and contact details to a ward counselor, municipality, or SASSA representative. Then your application will be processed immediately. Soon after the approval of your application, you will receive your SASSA food vouchers.

What is The Deadline For SASSA Food Vouchers 2024?

Applications for SASSA food vouchers are open now. However, the food voucher is valid for only one month. SASSA believes a month is enough to cope with disastrous situations.

What is The Value of the SASSA Food Vouchers?

SASSA provides food vouchers worth R1200 to a family.

  • R1980 x 2, Total Amount is given to a family: R3960, as food parcels or payment to a family whose members died because of a natural disaster.
  • School uniforms are provided to students who lost their uniforms during disastrous situations.
  • Girls will get R2700.00 and boys will get R2500.00 for school clothing.

For any further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the representatives of SASSA. They will guide you better on the matter.

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