SASSA War Veterans Grant

SASSA War Veterans Grant to aid them Financially

Are you the brave war veteran who fought for the country? SASSA offers a grant to those who risked their lives and participated in World War I, II, or Korean War. This aid is for those people who live in South Africa and cannot provide for themselves. Even though the grant is for war veterans, there are still proper eligibility criteria to follow.

SASSA War Veterans Grant to aid them Financially

SASSA War Veterans Grant 2024 Complete

Here is the complete on SASSA War Veterans Grant:

Eligibility Criteria for SASSA War Veterans Grant 2024

It is necessary to understand the eligibility criteria before applying for the grant. I will share all the details of who qualifies for this grant. So, continue reading to find out if you are eligible.

  • First and foremost, you must be a South African citizen. You will not get the grant if you are a South African but not living in your country. So, to qualify for this grant, you must be a South African citizen and a resident.
  • You have to be 60 or above years old to get this grant. Similarly, if you are not 60, then you must be disabled and not able to work for yourself.
  • Another main condition is that you must have served in World War I, World War II, Korean War, or Border War.
  • The person’s financial situation must be low and in accordance with the mean test. The mean test changes yearly; in this case, the person’s and their spouse’s income must qualify for the mean test.
  • The applicant must not receive help and support from state institutions or facilities.
  • Applicants must not be receiving another social grant of any kind. Otherwise, they will not be qualified for the grant.

How to Apply for SASSA War Veterans Grant 2024?

The application process is easy and can hardly take 2 hours. You need to go to the regional office near you to make the application. They will not ask you for any money or other things except your documents, which I shall discuss in detail, so you prepare them beforehand. Therefore, ensure to take the following documents with you;

  • Yours and your spouse’s (if you have any) Identity document (ID) must be barcoded.
  • Piece of evidence that proves your services at war. It can be a war service certificate or medal.

Some informational documents about your marital status;

  • In case you are single, you must submit proof as an affidavit.
  • Marriage certificate if you are married.
  • Divorce order if you are divorced.
  • Death certificate of your spouse if you are a widow.

Some informational documents about your income and assets;

  • A wage certificate if you are employed.
  • Your Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), blue book, or discharge certificate from your previous employer if you are unemployed.
  • If you are receiving a private pension, you must bring proof of it.
  • You must bring a bank statement for three consecutive months if you have one.
  • If you have some investments, you must provide them with interest and dividend information.

These documents are submitted to the regional SASSA offices, and they will arrange an interview for you. However, suppose you cannot visit them due to an illness or disability. In that case, you must write an application and attach a doctor’s note confirming why you cannot visit the office yourself. This and the documents can be taken to the office by a close friend or family member.

How to Track Your Application?

The processing of your application can take 30 working days. After this time, you should be able to get an approved or disapproved status from the officials. So, if you are accepted, then you will start getting grant money within three months from the date you applied for it. visit SRD SASSA Gov to check the sassa application status.

However, if you do not hear from them, you can track your application by contacting the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) toll-free helpline on 0800 601 011. They will give you an update on your application.

For How long will SASSA Pay War Veterans?

  • Your grant can be stopped if:
    • You die.
    • The state institution admits you.
    • Your financial status improves to the extent that you no longer need the grant.
  • Otherwise, you can receive it throughout your life.
  • You must inform the department in case any changes occur in your life.


The SASSA War Veteran Grant 2024 is R1400 per month.

Yes, your SASSA War Veteran Grant 2024 might get suspended due to the following conditions;

  • When you do not cooperate with them during the review.
  • If your situation changes.
  • If you commit fraud.
  • If you give false information.
  • If they made a mistake in approving you.
  • If you fail in a review.


SASSA War Veterans Grant 2024 is an amazing way to aid the brave soldiers who fought for the country and need financial assistance. So, if you are a war veteran and meet the eligibility criteria, do not forget to apply for this grant. The complete details on how to apply are given in this blog; for further queries, contact SASSA on their toll-free number.

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