SASSA Reconsideration Application-Step by Step Process

Sassa reconsideration

All about Sassa reconsideration application. If your SRD grant application is successful and approved then the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has confirmed that you are eligible for the grant and you get your funds soon. But if your grant application is declined then you have the right to apply for reconsider the application. You have to apply for reconsideration application within 30 days you receive the rejection reason

The SASSA has taken the decision to reconsider those applications that have been rejected. So, it is wise that SASSA could find the reason for rejection and reconsider the application before subjecting the application to appeal. On 30n June 2020, nearly 50% of applications were rejected because of eligibility reasons, and Over 70% of applicants applications rejected who received or qualified for UIF benefits.

Those benefits information gets through databases that Sassa uses for the verification process. Sassa reconsidered the declined UIF cases, and take a decision according to the updated database. The grant has been paid to more than two and a half million applicants so far from over 3.2 million applicants COVID-19 grant.

SASSA Reconsideration Application-Step by Step Process

The updating of the UIF database has brought relief to us and the beneficiaries also who are affected. The number of beneficiaries will increase daily until we have paid all deserving applicants who were previously declined.

Totsie Memela SASSA CEO

She further said that SASSA is working with the Department of Social Development. So that they make a decision on applicants’ appeals who still feel that their applications were rejected unfairly.

SASSA reconsideration application process

According to Sassa, if your application is declined, you have to apply for reconsideration, again and again, every month.

How to apply for Grant Reconsideration through the website:

  • You can apply online by visiting SASSA official website.
  • Under the tab where an application for reconsideration is present, select: “Click here for reconsideration“.
  • You will have to then provide your ID document and phone number
  • Next, you will have to follow the instructions to complete the consideration process.
How to apply for Grant Reconsideration through the website
How to apply for Grant Reconsideration through the website

Apply for consideration through phone number:

If you want to get help from a Sassa official or if you have any queries, you can also do that through Call SASSA on 0800 60 10 11. After dialing, you have to select option 3. Next, you have to make a conversion with the SASSA consultant for requesting to help to reconsider your application and then, follow the next steps according to the instructions.

Apply and Send an application for reconsideration through provincial email addresses

You can apply through the email address that is mentioned below. First, you have to complete the application for Reconsideration and send it to your province of residence – see provincial email addresses below:

Eastern Cape043 – 707 6335[email protected]
Free State051- 4108339[email protected]
Gauteng011- 241 8320[email protected]
Kwazulu-Natal033 -846 3400[email protected]
Limpopo015- 2917509[email protected]
Mpumalanga013 -754 9446[email protected]
Northwest018 -388 4006[email protected]
Northern Cape053 -802 4919[email protected]
Western Cape021-4690235[email protected]

Apply and Send an application for reconsideration by visiting SASSA Offices

You can also Apply and Send an application for reconsideration by visiting SASSA Offices .

Requirement for Reconsideration Application

According to Section 18(1) of the Social Assistance Act 13 of 2004, the following pieces of information are required to fill out the application for Sassa reconsideration form:

SECTION A: In this, the applicant provides information about his/herself.

  • Personal Information: Applicant Identity document. Name, Surname, Age, Gender.
  • Communication Method: You also have to mention the way of communication with Sassa that is done through- Cell, Email, Post, Landline, and SMS.
  • Applicant Residential Address.
  • Applicant postal address.

SECTION B: In this detail about the previous grant application is required that the applicant has applied before and was rejected by the Sassa.

  • The date on which you applied for the grant.
  • The date on which your grant is rejected.
  • Grant type- You also have to mention the type of grant for which you have applied previously. That is either OA, WV, DG, FGC, CDG, CSG, or GIA.

SECTION C: In this part, you will have to explain the reason why you are requesting reconsideration and why you think that the decision of SASSA is not fair. If the space is less, you also can attach the sheet with the application form.

SECTION D: Here the signature of the candidate is required with the current date. Next, you have to attach the mentioned documents with the application form.

  • Receipt issued by SASSA when you apply for the grant.
  • Rejection letter.
  • Power of Attorney (If someone else is appointed on the applicant’s behalf).
  • Other relevant documents.
Copy of application form
Application for reconsideration

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