SASSA SRD Status Shows ‘Identify Verification Failed’

Sassa SRD Status Shows 'Identify Verification Failed'

Sometimes Sassa SRD status shows ‘Sassa Identify Verification Failed’. When an individual applies for the grant application then this application is verified through the Department of Home Affairs. Some people get the verification message through SMS in order to let people know that they are selected for the grant application program. Similarly, some people simply receive the message which says ‘ Sassa Identity Verification Failed’, which means that they are not eligible to be selected for the grant application program.

When Sassa does not find the client application appropriate or not relevant to the required program then they reject their applied application. Many people want to know what are the proper requirements of the Sassa in order to overcome the Sassa Identity Verification Failed issues. Follow the article and find the relevant answer to make yourself part of this organization.

Sassa SRD Status Shows ‘Identify Verification Failed’

One of the biggest issues that many people face is the rejection of their applied grant applications. The common issue that causes the rejection from Sassa is basically your irrelevant information, which does not match their requirements. The Department of Home Affairs does not find the applicant’s information relevant or related to the program so they reject the application and the SASSA Status Check shows ‘Identity Verification Failed’.

The agency looks for information that is directly related to the applicant and approves it only if it matches the requirements of the Department of Home Affairs. People who feel that they have honestly filled out the form can file a complaint in the Department. Doing this will allow the Sassa SRD to recheck the application form and they will reconsider it if it is eligible for the program. It is very important to keep in mind that you have to resubmit the application within 30 days of rejection so that it can be reapproved on time.

What to Do if Sassa Identify Verification Failed?

Your application goes to a different database, which makes sure to approve it or not. It is an online process and sometimes it can process your information wrong so it is good to resubmit the application as soon as possible if all the information is matching the required procedure. The application you have submitted can be tracked through online tracking, which will surely tell your current status of the grant application form. If you want your SASSA application to be reconsidered then you have to do the following steps;

  • Check your Email.
  • Click on the Sassa Appeal Form.
  • Confirm the information you have given.
  • Enter the Account Number.
  • And then verify.

Make sure that you do it as soon as possible after getting the notification of ‘Identify Verification Failed’.

Sassa Identify Verification Failed
Sassa Identify Verification Failed

How To Appeal For An SRD Grant?

Well, once the Sassa SRD status shows ‘ Identify Verification Failed’ then you need to resubmit the grant application again. In this way, your application will be rechecked and will be reconsidered promptly. Well, the steps for reapplying for the grant application are as follows;

How To Appeal For An SRD Grant If SRD Identify Verification Failed
  • For reapplying the grant application again you have to open the website
  • Once it opens you have to re-enter your ID number.
  • Then add the Telephone Number.
  • And lastly, lodge the appeal again.

You can track your appeal through your Email. Also, you can lodge an appeal every month if your application is not accepted or is declined by the Sassa. You will get to know that your appeal is accepted through the SMS verification message.


The identity verification failure means that your information is matching the requirements of the grant application program and your verification attempt failed.

The reconsideration process takes quite a bit of time. When you resubmit the application then Sassa basically takes almost 60-90 days to verify your lodged appeal.

Once after knowing that your identity confirmation has failed you have to resubmit the grant application by entering your ID number and telephone number again.


Well, if you are the one who faced the same issue of Identity Verification Failure then you can probably resubmit your application again. Make sure that you do it as fast as possible so that it can be reconsidered soon. After getting the rejection status you have to appeal for an SRD grant again in order to verify your Identity.

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