SASSA Grant Increase 2024

Increment In Grant, Beneficiaries, and Extension In SRD R350 are here. Take a look at SASSA Grant Increase for applicants payments.

Currently, the South African population consists of 60.6 million people. Millions of these people still face the aftermath of COVID-19 in the form of unemployment, poverty, and financial instability. The South African Government initiated numerous social grants during the pandemic to aid its people through SASSA.

Increment In Grant, Beneficiaries, and Extension In SRD R350 are here. Take a look at SASSA Grant Increase for applicants payments

SASSA grants have been helping people stabilize their basic needs. However, the recent inflation has brought people back to financial crises. Inflation in South Africa is increasing by 4.6% every year.

South Africans were already facing problems when 5% inflation hit their country in 2021. However, their needs are increasing day by day in 2024 since the inflation rate has increased to 8.1%.

Considering inflation and people’s demand for an increment in social grants, SASSA recently increased the grant and extended a Social Relief Of Distress Grant for one year.

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana’s Inaugural Speech

While addressing the inaugural speech for the budget of the year 2024, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana revealed big news regarding the increment in SASSA grants.

Below are some changes that were made in all the social grants in 2024!

1.     Old Age Grant

Previously, the old age Grant was R1890 only. However, it has been increased to R1990 now, according to Enoch Godongwana. He revealed that R95 had been added to the Old Age Grant. That said, there is a 5% increase in it.

2.      Child Support Grant

The Child Support Grant was R460. However, there is an increment in this grant as well. Now, the grant has been increased to R480.

3.     War Veterans grant

The War Veterans Grant was R1910 only. However, this grant’s current 5% increment has raised it to R2005. This grant is also for those people who are 75 years old or above.

4.     Care Dependency Grant

The Care Dependency grant is R1985 due to a 5% increment. It was R1890 previously.

5.     Foster Care Grant

1.9 increment in Foster Care grant raised it to R1070 from R1050. 

GrantPrevious AmountIncrement (Percentage)
Old Age GrantR18905%
Child Support Grant  R4804.3%
War Veterans grant  R20055%
Care Dependency Grant  R18905%
Foster Care Grant  R19855%

Increment In Beneficiaries

Along with the increment in the grants, the number of beneficiaries will also be increased by 1.5%. According to SASSA, the number of beneficiaries will increase from 18.4 million to 19.2 million by the year 2025.

SASSA Grant Increase 2022
SASSA Grant Increase 2024

Extension In SASSA SRD R350

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana also revealed that the SASSA SRD R35 grant would be extended for a year. However, people are wondering why this extension took place first.

Well, 46% of South Africa’s population depends on these social grants to carry out their daily expenditures. Keeping in view the needs of these 27.7 million beneficiaries, SASSA was highly convinced that there should be an extension in the Social Relief Of Distress grant r350.

Even though the SASSA SRD R35 Grant is helping people, they are still unsatisfied with it. The increasing inflation in the country is alarming. Therefore, people are questioning whether or not they will be able to afford their expenses after the end of the grant.

Currently, there is no hint of more extension since the grant was entirely based on the pandemic. However, South Africans are still in the mud since they do not have any other income source. Therefore, people are highly distressed and want the government to either increase the grant and extend it or increase the number of jobs.

The future is undoubtedly problematic, but people are still a bit hopeful due to SASSA. The increment in SASSA will help South Africans afford basic necessities during this inflation.

SASSA R700 Grant Application?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has distributed grants to millions of South Africans since 2006. The Sassa R700 Grant application has been trending and the applicant is trying to find ways for applying the r700 Sassa grant. But it is shocking to know that there is no such grant that Sassa offers. The fraudsters are targeting Sassa recipients by advertising the fake grant r700. The people who apply for this, also face the problem of receiving their Sassa grant. So be careful about this.

SASSA Reaction about R700 grant

On the Sassa Twitter page, The South African Social Security Agency announced that there is no such r700 grant and Sassa also warned the public about this false advertisement and information. 

Here is the tweet

The SASSA said: Please note that the advert about R700 is fake and does not come from the South African Social Security Agency. No additional grant type is announced by SASSA apart from one that is already offered by SASSA.

Sassa news r700 fake application
Sassa tweet Sassa about r700 fake grant news

Wrapping It Up

Putting it in a nutshell, there has been an increase in SASSA grants by a few percent, including the extension of the SRD R35 grant to 1 year. Moreover, SASSA welcomes more people by increasing the number of beneficiaries by 1.5%. However, it’s crucial to discern between authentic and false information regarding grants. For instance, President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced the extension of the SRD grant until March 2024. Yet, past instances, such as money lenders targeting SASSA beneficiaries with fake news about loans, underscore the importance of verifying information through official channels. If uncertain about grant payout dates or extensions, contacting the SASSA office directly can prevent falling victim to fraud or scams and safeguard personal information.

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