Minister Enoch Godongwana Presents South Africa’s Fiscal Roadmap: Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement, 1st November

Minister Enoch Godongwana Presents South Africa’s Fiscal Roadmap

The Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) is a crucial event in the fiscal calendar of any country. In South Africa, the Minister of Finance, Mr Enoch Godongwana, will present the MTBPS in Parliament on Wednesday, 01 November 2023 at 14h00. This statement sets government policy goals and priorities, forecasts macroeconomic trajectory, and projects the fiscal framework over the next three years. It provides insights into spending and revenue estimates, among other key aspects of the country’s financial planning.

Importance of the MTBPS:

The MTBPS plays a vital role in setting the direction of government policies and expenditure priorities. It outlines the government’s strategic objectives, allocates resources to various sectors, and ensures accountability and transparency in financial planning. By presenting the medium-term fiscal outlook, it enables stakeholders to assess the government’s financial health and its ability to meet its obligations.

Key Components of the MTBPS:

1. Government Policy Goals and Priorities:

The MTBPS outlines the government’s policy objectives for the next three years. This includes addressing socio-economic challenges, promoting inclusive growth, job creation, and ensuring sustainable development. These goals provide a framework for sector plans to be developed and refined.

2. Macroeconomic Trajectory:

The MTBPS forecasts the macroeconomic trajectory, which provides insights into economic growth projections, inflation rates, exchange rate movements, and other key economic indicators. This information helps stakeholders understand the context in which budgetary decisions are made.

3. Fiscal Framework:

The MTBPS projects the fiscal framework over the next three years. It presents spending and revenue estimates, highlighting the expected sources of income and areas of expenditure. This allows stakeholders to evaluate the government’s fiscal stance and its plans to address pressing issues.

4. Allocations for Different Spheres of Government:

The 2023 Budget increases allocations for all three spheres of government, aiming to assist with urgent spending pressures. Direct provincial allocations are set to increase by R92.7 billion, reaching R2.17 trillion over the medium term. This indicates the government’s commitment to supporting regional development and service delivery.

Key Components of the MTBPS

Expectations for the MTBPS 2023:

1. COVID-19 Recovery Measures:

As South Africa continues to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected that the MTBPS will prioritize recovery measures. This may include increased healthcare spending, support for vaccination campaigns, and measures to revive the economy and stimulate job creation.

2. Addressing Socio-Economic Inequalities:

Given the persistent socio-economic inequalities in the country, it is anticipated that the MTBPS will outline measures to address these disparities. This can be through targeted social spending, investments in education, infrastructure development, and initiatives to promote inclusive growth.

3. Revenue Generation Strategies:

To fund its programs and projects, the government needs to ensure sustainable revenue generation. The MTBPS is expected to provide insights into revenue enhancement strategies, such as tax reforms, measures to curb illicit financial flows, and efforts to improve tax compliance.


The upcoming Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) in November 2023 holds significant importance for South Africa’s financial planning and policy direction over the next three years. It provides a platform for the government to outline its goals, forecast the macroeconomic trajectory, and present the fiscal framework. As stakeholders eagerly await this crucial event, expectations are high for measures addressing COVID-19 recovery, socio-economic inequalities, revenue generation, and debt management. The MTBPS will serve as a key tool in evaluating

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